Sunday, March 25, 2012

April Showers Bring May Flowers!

So I know it's not April quite yet but who can tell with this weather?! Last week we were walking around in sun dresses and flippy floppies! Here I am in preparation for last weeks Bridal and Prom Expo at Hunter Mountain..... I made 100 Bridal Shower cookies:

I love these cookies, not only because I made them  ;)  BUT because they can be so versatile. I know I labeled them as "Bridal Shower" but why not 

Wedding Favor
  Bachelorette Party 
Baby Shower
Princess Birthday Party...

I use cookie cutters to shape them but I DO NOT want them to be "cookie cutter cookies". I enjoy my freedom and creativity when decorating. My inspiration originates from the colors and techniques used to achieve different yet cohesive results. 

Once I find a few of my favorite looks that's when I jump into mass production...well my scale of mass production :) 

But remember Dirty's Little Secret:  you're only as good as the quality of your ingredients EVEN when it comes to the decorations! 

So start with the best! 

French Dragees how I love thee! Honestly a decorators dream and a dentist worst nightmare! These beauties add so much glamor to my basic royal icing! Biter Beware, I suggest plucking off your French Dragee before consuming. I try to use them sparingly because I'm not a fan of inedible decorations, my goal has always been to make my cookies TASTE as good as they LOOK! 

And here we have some yummy and easily dissolvable Pink Sanding Sugar! Sanding sugars are great because they had a pop of color, a dash of sparkle, and a pinch of sweetness! Plus you don't have to worry about an emergency trip to the dentist! 

These GIANT White Sugar Pearls garner the more dramatic effect! When royal icing just isn't enough I can plop one of these bad boys to accent a....say Santa's Hat for example. 

This Wedding Dress is my favorite of all my Wedding Dress themed cookies. It is so simple and elegant and I owe it all to the beautiful Gold and White Nonpareils a.k.a. tiny colored sugar beads! However I bought these on a trip to Germany and I can't replace them unless I find a way to online order them from this amazing German baking company!  

Even with all the colors and varieties of decorative objects, a simple hand piped bow can sometimes be just as satisfying. 

Sometimes two pastry bags and a toothpick can be more powerful than a French Dragee! Like you can see with my Umbrellas- ellas

Ellas- Eh! 

Anyone catch that Rihanna reference? Not totally lost I hope :) 

I'll be honest I NEVER like my cookies until the entire process is over and I can take a step back and see what I have created, once the vision has been fully realized. I know that sounds pretentious and arty..but it's the TRUTH

But once I've got them all rounded up and they have dried over night...yes OVERNIGHT that's when I grab some of this... 

And wrap up my little precious creations to be offered up as a sacrifice to the greater good: full bridal bellies everywhere! 

Cheers and Spring Greetings! I hope all who read are just as inspired by the pictures of the cookies as I was in the process of baking and making them! Just think of all the ways you could use some or all of these this Wedding - Bridal Shower - and Baby Shower Seasons!