Friday, November 2, 2012

Happy Halloweenie- Halloween Sugar Cookies!

As you will soon see Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday, a very close second is Christmas :)

There hasn't been  a single year where I haven't dressed up for Halloween ( **As far as I'm aware maybe there was one baby year where my parents didn't dress me up?). The last two Halloweens up I've been characters who unfortunately no one knew...

About 7 people knew who I was and everyone else refered to me as "Spaceman" or "Speed Racer" ....c'est la vie..this one was totally worth it for those who knew how epic The Stig is :) 

Have I mentioned my super nerdiness? case you missed it... last year I was Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones...this was even worse because only one cheeky New Zealander knew who I was supposed to be..and everyone else thought I was a cave woman. 

So this year I opted for someone who was totally mainstream and out of the biggest block buster of the year The Avengers, I chose... 


Having a hammer feels very powerful! 

Thor and Loke...yes I named my cat Loke after THE Loke!

These EPIC Thor photos were taken by my two best friends from LaRose Media... the perks of having professional photographers as friends!!!  

Now down to the sweet stuff... I couldn't do Halloween without my own sweet something to give out! So here they are. 

My hands are creeping into this photo...can't keep my hands off these treats! 

The eyeballs are store bought but everything else is handmade!

Tips for Making These Halloween Cookies:

  1. Choose limited colors to make it easier on yourself- luckily black and white go with Halloween
  2. Keep it simple- choose a few shapes and a few patters to decorate
  3. Toothpicks are great tools! The cool swirl feathered effect came from drawing lines with icing and using the pick to draw icing down
  4. Let the base layer dry for a few minutes before adding the spider webs if you want a more 3D effect! 


Whoooo wants one?

Wrapped and ready!

If giving out homemade treats on Halloween wasn't so sketchy I'd love to do it every year! However giving these out as treats for my friends works just as well! Cheers to Tricks and Treats for next Halloween! Hope this inspires some creative sweets AND costumes!