About Me

Hi! My name is Dirty... real name: Diana. This is me (above right) with my sister Angela, shout out to my big sis! 

Dirty is a nicknamed I acquired a few years ago from friends. Don't worry I'm not talking Christina Aguilera's "Dirrty", note the single 'R'.  Check out my first blogpost to see why

Like many I have a wide variety of interest and passions that range from baking (obviously) to Formula One Racing to photography. I love to be inspired and creative. I've found through baking I can express my creative side and have the added bonus of showing my appreciation and love for those I care about. 

I have no formal training and learned everything I know about baking and decorating form the school of trial and error where my friends and family served as the crash test dummies. 

I do have a proper college education from Purchase College, Bachelors of Liberal Arts and Sciences with a focus in Cinema Studies- Holla! But being the part elf- part hobbit that I am I have no real desire to live in New York City or Los Angeles. So here I am ... pursuing my love of baking, art, and creativity! 

Explore my blog like Frodo and Sam explored Middle Earth, check out my photos, my baked yummies, and my movie reviews!