Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Dirty's Little Secret...Turkeys Are Delicious In All Their Forms!

It's a tradition started by my Aunt Anita years ago... call your loved ones on Thanksgiving and when they answer, screech "Gobble Gobble" into the phone. It was always a phone because my Aunt Anita has lived away from home for most of my life.

Since we cannot be together this Thanksgiving I'm sending her my "Gobble Gobble" via blog!

I can happily report that Anita is settled in Jackson Hole Wyoming (convenient for a skier like me) where she can easily browse Dirty's Little Secrets or visit my Facebook for the latest updates! Which brings me to Dirty's Little Secret: what I'm thankful for. 

Obviously I'm thankful to live in 2011 where technology is so available to me and my family keeping us connected across the globe. I'm also thankful for the health and happiness I share with my friends and family.

I'm thankful for the support and encouragement I've received from everyone! Without which Dirty's Little Secrets would not be possible, but now I can share this....

Just some of my work tools... some cookie cutters and my MacBookPro :)

Finally, I'm thankful for the leftover dough from my wedding dress cookies! Combine this with the fact I had to decorate a dozen and not 200 cookies, it was easy to whip up some festive Thanksgiving themed cookies!

I think these Turkeys would make an exceptional addition to any Thanksgiving Day table!

Dirty's Little Secret works of art!

These would pair nicely with some Pumpkin Pie....

The ONLY hand painted Turkey..wonder who will eat it?

Have I ruffled your feathers yet?

Really wanted some of My Turkeys to go with your Thanksgiving Day Turkey? 

Well... it's too late....however....

Keep checking back to Dirty's Little Secrets via blog and Facebook!

Soon to come Holiday Cookie packages to order! What better way to say thanks and show you care than with a custom, homemade cookie?!

Sending my thanks and love and a big "Gobble Gobble" on Turkey Day!

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